What will happen in 2012?

This question is being repeated more often, as our days are passing by. The fact is that, during our time, an awesome cosmic alignment which happens just every 26,000 years, will take place.

What about the Mayan calendar? The end of times and many other prophecies? Is a new age or a planetary ascension coming? Will we experience the awakening of a new conscience? What´s ahead for humankind?

The seek for such answers starts bringing something from our side. It may be to wonder honestly about our actual world and challenge the direction we are driven, to have the courage to discover ourselves and our real potential... Whatever you decide.

On this path, perhaps we might find the right questions.

Here below is a short video with an interesting vision concerning the 2012 changes. A beautiful summary:


Another one:


And one more:


Finally, few words from two thinkers about this topic:

The Aquarian Age is dawning, its influence will gradually free men from the bondages of mind and spirit which they have suffered for thousands of years Elsa M. Glover

What comes is not the end, but the beginning. The dream humanity has lived for centuries ends and we awaken to a bright new day, a bright new way ... The answers we find will be wholly new ones, totally original ones, but they require a thorough examination of what has been and what we wish to come Walter Mercado


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