Global Consciousness

If you enter in a room full of darkness,
And light a little candle,
Then, instantly, the darkness flees away.
But you can’t do the opposite;
Anyone can enter in a room full of light,
Take any amount of darkness,
And have any effect.

Esoteric Agenda - last 21min. - Extract of Awakening to Zero Point.

If consciousness shapes our reality...


Anonymous said...

When we want to examine if consciousness shapes our reality, it is very clear if we look at it from the whole picture of Nature itself. Our universe flows with law of Nature-all-giving and all-loving-, and everything in the Nature follows that law except us-humans. Still, vegetative, animate levels are instinctively moving towards that direction.

For example, a particle in a stone works in order to keep the form of the stone. We are the only creatures that have free choice to follow the law of Nature. Here, the freedom of choice is the proof of us being consciousness. Not like the stones, plants, and animals we intend to, or mostly don’t intend to keep the law of Nature. That’s why we are having global crisis, environmental disasters, and so on. There is a solution for all problems though. Being conscious, we can achieve balance with Nature.

Our conscious intention determines everything, everything in the whole universe. The moment we make a turn toward harmony and unity, everything will change, and find its place. So, I am totally with you when you say that we are conscious intention! To show you clearer scientific explanation I present you a 5 min. long video. You will love it! If you like it you can use the video for your blog because this video is made only in order to spread the message of consciousness. Good luck!
Cheers, Youngju Kim

Mike Fish said...

Thank you Kim for stoping by, for this fantastic comment and for the link to this interesting video.

I absolutely agree with you, consciousness is the way. The way out of our actual crisis, and a new chance for humankind. This is the path that should lead us to the next true big step in evolution.

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