The Greed Game

As the credit crunch bites and a global economic crisis threatens, the following documentary reveals how the super-rich have made their fortunes, and the small investors and tax payers are picking up the bill.

See here how the private-equity partners, and the hedge-fund managers were all using other people’s money for their deals, into a system that is allowing them, for example, to transform poor quality loans into 'high quality investments'. And, while enjoying the enormous returns, they couldn't help leveraging more and bigger deals, due their greed and the money available at low interest rates.

Super Rich: The Greed Game - 1h.

The proposal into the docummentary about taking the diamond skull as the symbol of our age is really scary, but unfortunatelly quite right.

Bellow you may see a funny and informative interview about financial crisis and global markets, performed by John Bird and John Fortune at the 'Last Laugh' show, subtitled in Spanish.


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