Religion & Myth

Here is a brief audiovisual collection about the main forces guiding humankind for centuries. All these videos are showing original ideas regarding question marks always wondered by humans. These answers are often shocking, discussible or even too far beyond what might be reasonable.

But could we look at them, with the curious and honest eyes of a kid? Maybe yes, or maybe not, this only depends on you. But what is for sure not far away from what we call truth, is that dogmatic teachings never had been healthy for the real human soul.

Starting from the beginning, we may go deeply into origins of the myth and the religion. Looking at the firmament, will amazingly see that all religions had always been written there.

Gnostic Media - 2h.

What also becomes very discussible, especially during last centuries, is the real meaning of freedom in our society. What is behind our continously advertised way of life?

From where we just came, shall not be returning to.

Esoteric Agenda - 2h.

Kymatica - 1½h.


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