The Way



Tell me the way you want to live your life
Tell me the way you wish to share your time
Tell me the way you are, and more,
all what you want to be

Tell me the way you feel about me beside
Tell me the way you think about love,
when different worlds collide
Tell me the way you are before
I give you all my heart and close my eyes

Show me the way you smile when things go wrong
If any time you're weak I'll make you strong
(yes I'll be strong for you)
Show me the way you stand so close to me
oh promise me you'll never walk away

Show me the way you kiss, so soft, so deep
And the way you touch me with your skin
(and tell me what you wish)
Show me the way you love, you care, you give
I really need to feel you night and day

Life goes on, one way we walk,
Life goes on, on and on

Remember the way we were when dreams were gold
Remember the way we used to fight the cold
(and more can you)
Remember the way we broke the walls with love
No storm could ever stop us taking off

Can you see the way we changed from lovers to friends
What matters is the direction, not the end
(I don't want to see the end)
Remember the way we walked, so long
But now the past is gone and life goes on


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