Seeds of Change

We as a civilization and a race of human beings are teetering on the edge of the cliff. We must examine our lack of tolerance for others, and as well no longer willing to endure more convenient masks or deliberate blindness.

It starts just opening our eyes, from there, we´ll need the sincere wish of a truly awaken world where we all can live in harmony and peace.

Its abundantly clear if one is paying attention at all, that human beings have missed the mark. In our hubris we have forgotten the earth is our home, and even our mother, as most tribal cultures consider earth to be, and as such, we must repay with gratitude, respect, and honor the gift of life.

Bruce Weaver


Hazel C said...

Check out the website for useful information on sustainability. I watched Farming for the Future on BBC2, unfortunately no longer available on iplayer, the bits I remember from tv were very interesting. I was impressed by the way a few farmers and gardeners are trying to work with nature. One in particular had fields with a lot more varieties of grass which was very hardy so that the animals could graze all year round without damaging the ground and without the need for additional feed.

I also found it shocking the way that intensive ploughing is killing the soil. This was demonstrated with old footage of ploughing where the birds were following the plough for the insects and worms. Ploughs in the same fields today don't have any birds following them. Without the creatures in the soil fertilisers are essential.

It certainly made me want to know more on the subject.

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