The Clearings

The clearing of the woods is a centre into which it is not always possible to enter.. It is another kingdom that a soul inhabits and guards.. since it seems that the nothing and the void -or the nothing or the void- have to be present or latent continuously in human life. And as to not be devoured by the nothing or by the void you may have to create them in yourself .. I also center the heart because it is the only thing that from within our self gives away sound.. And only because of it, the privileged organisms that have it hear themselves. Only the faraway stars, pures, while they are inaccessible to their colonization, will provide the real image of an identical being to its life; innocent, as if it had only been created without having to be born.. It becomes deaf and mute in times, circunstancially, the heart.. It leaves then all place to the operations of the mind that move that way, without any assistance, abandoned to themselves.
_María Zambrano


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