Barbarism is not unique to the twentieth century, the whole of human history includes plenty of wars, massacres and atrocities. But the last century has been by far the larger in number of violent deaths, much more than in any other period during human history. A promenade through the different civilizations, is a good observatory from where to sight the crescent madness and bloodiness of mankind.

The Way to Iraq
The Cold War
Six Days War
After Mein Kampf
The Battle of Russia
The Third Reicht
World at War
Weimar's Republic End
First World War
Industrial Revolution
French Revolution
Land of the Tsars
The Great Plague
Conquest of Paradise
El Dorado
Catholic Inquisition
The Moors in Europe
The Mongols
The Vikings
The Huns
Khmer Empire
The Fall of an Empire
The Battle for Rome
The 'Primitive' Celts
The 'Savage' Goths
The Brainy Barbarians
The End of the World
Persian Empire
Aztec Empire
Egypt Fall
Egypt Discoveries
Ancient Egypt
From Babylon to Bagdad


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