The Lost Atlantis

Since the beginning of our era, Atlantis perhaps has been one of the most popular and mysterious myths. Plato seems to be the first -and the only one with some kind of indirect related knowledge- who wrote about this land, described the inhabitants, their interests, history and society.

But althought the philosopher brings to our times a vision of this so-called island, himself never has seen it, because if anytime existed, disappeared thousands of years ago. Plato's relate is about a history told by priests from the Egyptian city of Solon, to a Greek legislator and poet, who went to the Pharaons land, one century and a half before (You can read a brief summary here, from Alan G. Herfner, author of Imagining Atlantis).

Regarding the audiovisual/documentary genre related with this topic, we could start taking a look to a couple of Discovery Channel productions. The FIRST one, especially oriented to the myth, and his usage in recent history. And a SECOND one, more focused on the search for the physical place, after the Santorino theory emerged. Also, for having some perspective about Atlantis documentary evolution, we might take a look to an old production, presented by Leonard Nimoy, divided in three parts (THIRD 1,2,3).

After the viewing of this three entertainment products, probably could be said that nothing more than the revival of the legend, the quest for the location, and the bizarre interest by the 3rd Reicht, has been shown up.

Well, would like to say here that the aim of this post (and blog) is not to show mediocre documentaries; but to share ideas, concepts, theories and intuitions, perceptions, thoughts, directly or indirectly related to our modern global society. In few words, one of the proposals is to analyze through videos, what has been told, sold to us in the past. Which may help in seeking an explanation about our current global mess.

George Bernanos, a French novelist and essayist, who lived during the first half of the past century, said: 'the horrors we have seen, and still greater horrors shall presently see, are not signs that rebels, insubordinate, untamable people are increasing in number throughout the world, but rather that there is a constant increase in the number of obedient, docile people.'

Coming back to Atlantis, after the review of these first documentaries, would like to present a couple more. These ones, from a totally different perspective, pretty unconventional.

The next one is the longest, divided in four parts: FOURTH 1,2,3, and 4. It has been a truly classic about Atlantis, but maybe will be not known for many viewers. In this documentary, some topics treated in this blog are amazingly interconnected. A very interesting construction filmed with the collaboration of the polemic authors Eric Von Daniken and Zacarias Sitchin.

And finally the FIFTH one, a lecture from the controversed Michael Tsarion. A really impressive and shocking theory, presented in petit committee.

If you are interested about the myth, and are not blocked to accept alternative explanations: find some time to check these films out, might help to think over it.


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